Wednesday, April 14, 2010

man oh man oh man.

time is flying.
of course.
but I'm getting the hang of this, at least.
I've picked up another internship.
(of course, ha!)
not for credit or anything, but just for the shear experience. it's two brothers who have been collaborating for 10 years. our class visited their studio on a field trip and I just loved their work so much I asked if I could help out! they have a big installation coming up so they gladly accepted my extra hands.
here's the link to their website, because Kevin was worried they were shady guys, haha. :)
other than that, I still have 1 presentation and 2 papers to write. gah!
and art to make.
of course.
but I successfully did 3 loads of laundry tonight -- $12. kill me. NYC drains my bank account!

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