Tuesday, February 16, 2010

passion pit = favorite subway riding/errand running music.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are easily becoming my favorite days. This morning was wet and windy and one of those days when you can't look straight ahead because of the snow/slush coming down at a slant. Never fun. But either way, I braved the cold snow and headed to the five flights of stairs that would take me to Olaf's studio. The morning started per usual, sitting at the computer collecting images for a new photography collage. Lunch was at the great Italian Bread again, this time filled with conversations about climbing, backpacking, and camping. Eddy, another intern, and I discovered a mutual love for the outdoors and will hopefully get some climbing in soon. Olaf told us about the documentary he watched on Mt. Everest and laughed about the fact that it seems to be the Disneyworld for climbers.

Post-lunch was dedicated to running some errand with and for Olaf. First, a trip to the Post Office with Olaf, an errand that I know never takes "just a minute." Then Eddy and I picked up a new sculpture and supplies from Olaf's studio and headed to 5th Ave and 94th via taxi. Once at our destination, our jaws dropped. The nicest townhouses in NYC seemed to be on this street! Our job was to drop off a sculpture for a private collector and their townhouse was no stranger to the high-end architecture and design of the rest of the street. I've never stepped foot into a more beautiful house! It was about 6 floors, including an elevator, multiple kitchens, full wooden spiral staircase and original, one of a kind pieces by big name contemporary artists like Kara Walker and Chris Ofili! Eddy and I both walked out wishing we could have wandered the house for hours and look at more of the collection, but continued on our second errand -- getting a cab to the Bronx to fix one of Olaf's sculpture. This cab ride proved fatal for my new(ish) North Face gloves, having left them on the seat and not realizing it until we were ready to leave, but it was a succesful afternoon. The secretary at the warehouse where we fixed the sculpture even drove us to the train station because it was snowing!

As for this past weekend, I didn't actually make it to Olaf's party Friday night, but it didn't seem to be a problem. I still had a very good evening with Rachael and her fiance Mike who was in town; we went to a great hole-in-the-wall Italian restaurant and had some of the best, authentic pasta I've had in a while. Valentine's Day was spent attending the Brooklyn Tabernacle for church, a great, vibrant, and Spirit-filled service. Then I was blessed to spend the afternoon with my cousin Jackie who has been living in the city for over a year now. We finished our lunch date and treated ourself to cupcakes!

Today was exhausting but good. I'm currently sitting on my bed watching LOST with three other girls in the program, finishing off junk food before Lent starts tomorrow...

It is so strange that I'm half way through my third week here.
Time is flying by.

Woohoo, I live in NYC!


  1. I want to hear more about the Brooklyn Tabernacle! Which reminds me...you really need to see St. John the Divine. It's like being in Italy.