Saturday, February 13, 2010

busy saturday

I love when I can walk into a gallery and recognize artists by their work. It makes me feel so accomplished, educated, and confident. Today we walked around the Chelsea gallery district as a class, popping in and out of galleries. Chilly and blustery, but all around a good afternoon. Unfortunately, I left a lot of work to do for the weekend, so I need to buckle down. I need to crank out some good pieces for critique on Monday. But instead, I'm eating candy hearts (sent to me by a thoughtful aunt) and chatting with missed ones back home.

Along with school work, I've taken on the position of assisting Dr. Romaine in some research and working in the NYCAMS gallery for a little pocket money throughout the semester. There is a show opening next week, so it's my job to repaint the gallery walls before we start putting up the work on Monday! So, I'm off to eat a quick dinner and start painting.

(for some reason, the time that it says when I post an entry is incorrect, by 3 hours. so if anyone's really wondering, it's about 5:30 now, instead of 2:30. it's done this for all the posts before, too...hmm...)

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