Monday, May 3, 2010

a lesson in patience.

Have I mentioned how much I love the pastor at Presbyterian Redeemer, the church I've been going to here? Dr. Timothy Keller is great; every word, every phrase, I seem to agree with. Yes, this even surprised me! I've never been much of a note-taker during a sermon, but the one week I was without a pen here was killing me. I'm taking down bullet points like it's my job! I'm sad that I only caught onto this church within these last 2 months, but I've been attending regularly for the past 5 weeks and it will definitely be a part of NYC that I miss.

Currently, Tim is diving into the Fruits of the Spirit (Galations 5:22), digesting one a week. Yesterday's sermon was on Patience, something I've been meaning-and needing-to work on. He broke it down into three sections (like any good Presbyterian would): the Principle, Practice, and Power of Patience. I figured since this series has struck such a chord with me, I'd share some of my notes:

based on Romans 12:17-21, in having patience with others

Principle: the only way to overcome evil, is with good.
  1. bless (pray for) those who you're bitter towards. As Tim put it, "You can't hate someone you're praying for!" (Matt 5)
  2. forgive them; forgiveness is always granted before it is felt.
  3. don't avoid them (v. 18 "as it depends on you")
  4. will their good (v. 20a), do what you can for their good and growth
  5. oppose them - humbly! (v. 20b), seek truth softly, graciously, and knowingly; to be humble is to be justified Jesus Christ
Power: only God has the right to pass judgment; we don't know what the person deserves

Patience and grace is only achieved "in view of God's mercy." (Romans 12:1)

Obviously, these notes don't do justice to how great I think this all is. But just thought I'd share some of the lovin'. :)

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  1. I meant to ask you if you had been to Redeemer Pres . . . now I know. I read one of Tim Keller's books and really liked it, so it's good to hear that his sermons are just as engaging =)